Big Sculptures

“Through my creation in clay I feel and express my deep admiration for nature’s wonders: organic, rich forms and abundant colors.

For number of years I have been working every Summer at Logan Clay Products factory and spend a week pounding, carving and stretching unfired clay pipes into Wonderland-like elongated flower shapes, multi form bugs and towering birds, some as tall as people. At the end of the week, I leave my creations behind to dry for month or two before they’re fired in the factory’s huge outdoors kilns. Each piece comes home the same color as a plain terracotta flower pots. Some weigh as much as 160 pounds and stay over 5 feet tall, yet I uniquely decorate each with acrylics, stains and markers, then finish it with polyurethane to make it withstand the weather.


“The noblest art is that of making others happy” — PT Barnum.

Being adventurous and inventive I am constantly looking to diversify my subjects and materials.  I started creating smaller birds and animals with unique personalities and expressions. I have been working now on mixed media animal series incorporating wood stumps, fabrics, found objects and recycled metal pieces. I create my “animal kingdom” with wisdom, humor and imaginative whimsy as my own interpretations of the natural world.


Since my sailing across the Atlantic and through the Caribbean’s on a small sail boat, the nature has become a dominant factor that has influenced and inspired my artwork series: “Above Around and Under the Earth” collection of bugs, botanicals, and fish”.

Whimsical, innovative, mixed media, laughable bugs flies around us.

Colorful glass botanicals and uniquely designed leaves can be discovered around our globe.

Fish resembling mythical creatures are found under the earth oceans. 


“Barbara is a great talent whose work is influence by Polish folk art.The colors are vivid, there are designs and patterns and stylistic touches that are very reminiscent of where she comes from.”- curator Richard Suib


I started creating fish wall mixed media relief pieces using clay and plywood for the background. I added some recycled elements and enriched the fish clay body with texture and colored slips. I finished them with several layers of paint to achieve a bold, vibrant effect to mirror the natural world with an abstract, fanciful twist. 


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Barbara Kobylinska at The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center show opening in 2019.


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